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UCLA Graduate Student Health Insurance Plan (G-SHIP)

UCLA provides Graduate Students a comprehensive health insurance plan when registration fees are covered either by the student or home department. The health care plan is know as the Graduate Student Health Insurance Plan or GSHIP.

As of 2011-2012, covers the following although you should refer to the GSHIP insurance website for more information or policy changes:


  • Behavioral Health Coverage through the UCLA Counseling Center (CAPS)&

UCLA Neuropsychiatric Behavioral Health Services (BHS) – this covers hospitalization and other psychiatric conditions.

  • Pharmacy Benefit $5.00 co-pay for Generic and $25.00 co-pay Brand at the Ashe Center
  • Annual deductible is $200.00 – no deductible at Ashe center since services are free with G-SHIP
  • 90% of in-network hospital services (60% out-of-network) – this used to be only 80%
  • 90% of in-network professional services (60% out-of-network) – this used to be only 80%
  • $600,000 Life time maximum (same as old plan)
  • Coverage is worldwide, 365 days a year – students should call the ACE Travel Hotline when needing services if they are 100 miles away from UCLA (info on attached PDF)
  • E.R. co-pay is $100.
  • Urgent Care co-pay is $50
  • 24/7 Nurseline available for all registered UCLA students regardless of if they have SHIP.
  • Dependent care is cheaper now – information on www.studenthealth.ucla.edu: note that dependents cannot use Ashe Center and must find suitable care center at above link.
  • Dependents can purchase dental care.
  • Chiropractor/acupuncture treatment available for $20 per appointment

Please see this link for a printable snapshot of G-SHIP Insurance benefits:


Effective for the 2011-2012 Academic Year, G-SHIP has added the Non-Registered Voluntary UC-SHIP Plan which allows a student who is filing, taking a quarter off, or on leave to purchase G-SHIP with all the same benefits for more than what the G-SHIP costs if registered.  To be eligible for this, a student had to have been registered and had G-SHIP the preceding quarter.

If you have any questions, you can:

Visit in person: Ashe Center 4th floor
Call the Ashe Insurance office: 310.794.5614
Email us: insurshs@ashe.ucla.edu